Men’s Accessories: Surprise Your Man With A Stylish Safety Razor

While talking about best accessories for men, the name of few things like ties, watch, purse, cufflinks etc comes to our mind. With the increasing popularity of wet shaving for a clean shaven look in men, what can be best gift than a chrome finish stylish safety razors for your urban fashion conscious partner. But choosing the right safety razor is not an easy task. No matter how well your partner takes care of his skin, but if he is not using the right type of safe type razor the chances of getting the best result is less.

You can find various types of safety razors in market, each offering unique features to suit the needs of men. More information about this subject could be found on

One-Piece Design

Also called TTO or Butterfly, this one piece safety razor is really rare these days. The razor doesn’t have any removable part but features some moving parts. This type of razor doesn’t have any part that needs to be removed while replacing the blades. The safety razor’s head which has two hinged plates is connected to the handle. When you turn the handle, the plates open, revealing a place where you can put the blade. This mechanism allows you to replace the blade quickly.

Two piece design

This is one of the most popular safety razor designs in which the base of the head is connected to the handle. The head features long screw that extends in to the handle of the razor. In order to remove the head, you have to twist the handle a bit and unscrew it. This design allows men to change the blade easily and safely. This is a very popular safety razor design for wet shavers.

Three piece deign

While talking about best accessories of men, how we can forget to talk about three piece safety razor which was introduces in the early 1990s. This popular design of this safety razor features three parts-the top part that covers the blade, the base of the cutting head where the blade is places and the last one is its handle. These razors usually don’t have any moving parts, making it easy to clean.

Double-edge safety razor

The tale about best accessories for men will be incomplete if we don’t take the name of double-edge safety razor. If you are looking for one of the finest safety razors for wet shaving, double-edged design is perfect for you. With this design you can use both sides of the blade. When one edge of the blade losses its sharpness, you can continue shaving with the other side of the blade. Double edge safety razors can come in either three piece or two piece designs. For a close and finest shaving experience double edge safety razors is the best. Using Double edge safety razors can save money, as you don’t need replace the blade frequently.

All the razor designs are available in a variety of seize, weight and styles. You just need to pick the best one that suits your partner preference and skin type well. If vintage things excite your man gift him a classic Single Edge Safety Razor or if finest and smoothest shaving experience is something he only wants, double-edged safety razor would be best for him.



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